Resilient Nashua Toolkit

A step-by-step emergency planning guide for schools, childcares, healthcare facilities, non-profits, businesses, faith-based organizations, & multi-family housing

Welcome to the Resilient Nashua Toolkit!

40% of businesses will not open again after a disaster. Another 25% fail within one year.*

Your organization is important to the City of Nashua and its residents. It is vital to the rest of the community that you recover quickly from a disaster and return to normal operations. The best way to ensure fast disaster recovery is to plan for when things go wrong.

This toolkit is designed to increase the resiliency of our community's small businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, child care centers, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. This step-by-step, self-guided suite of resources will assist you in your resilience planning and maintenance. Remember, if you need assistance with your plan at any point, contact us. We are here to help!

*Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) & Insurance Information Institute

This toolkit is supported by the City of Nashua Office of Emergency Management, Division of Public Health and Community Services, Nashua Fire Rescue and the Nashua Police Department.